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Lisa Mednick Powell: Bio

Lisa Mednick-Powell has a new album coming out after quite a long hiatus. The album is called Blue Book and will be released at the end of November. Lisa is a musician and songwriter who has lived and worked in NYC, D.C., New Orleans, Austin, New Mexico, Los Angeles, and beyond. She is now living in Twentynine Palms, California. She writes and sings compelling and seductive songs. As a keyboard player, accordionist and saxophonist, she has worked with a stunning range of musical artists: New Orleans R&B great Earl King, New Zealand pop-accented rockers The Chills, eclectic musical master Alejandro Escovedo, alterna-pop goddess Juliana Hatfield and Texas songwriting legend Ray Wylie Hubbard,James McMurty, and Radney Foster--to name some but hardly all.

"Artifacts of Love, Mednick’s 1994 debut album, earned praise as a dark, swirling gumbo (Utne Reader) that was richly evocative (Austin-American Statesman) and marked by artful songcraft (Rolling Stone)."
The disc was produced by Lisa with help from Greg Leisz, known for his work with Victoria Williams, Lucinda Williams, k.d. lang, Dave Alvin, Joni Mitchell and Bill Frissell, among many others. He recently completed a world tour with Eric Clapton.

"Her second album and Texas Music Group debut, Semaphore, is a collection of 12 unique musical and lyrical messages from the soul of a genuine artist. On this totally self-produced album, she fashions her own distinctive code from melodies and harmonies, rhythms and grooves, and language and emotions, crafting an album of seductive musical beauty and poetic lyricism that transforms modern pop music into high art." But now both labels are defunct (Lisa claims no credit for this turn of events...) and the warehouse storing Semaphore has "lost" all the rest of her CDs. So she has made all of her songs available for listening s on her web site.

In 2004, Lisa and husband Kip moved away from Austin and into the frozen north, Rochester NY, where Lisa finished college and grad school. They started playing music again lately, after a long hiatus. After doing an "open mic tour" of Rochester, they finally landed some gigs and giglets in the area. Then they moved to New Mexico so Kip could study Adobe Construction with some of the gurus out there. He has now landed his first Adobe gig--building a garden wall and an horno.
"Better Then One" is a 2005 compilation of songs written by Lisa and performed by her duo Two-Headed Dog with Alison Young.
The recordings are a combination of live performances in 1980's New Orleans and demos recorded around the same time. This CD was released through the generosity of Michael Adams and his erstwhile label, Halt Music.

Kip and Lisa purchased and are now restoring a homesteader cabin in the Mojave Desert in Twentynine Palms, CA. They are active in the local hi-desert music scene and are enjoying the sunshine and sand...

New news to come. Lisa is working on a third album in as many decades. Working title: Blue Book She and her husband Kip have a band called Arroyo Rogers, which plays classic country and mostly drinking songs. More soon I promise!