Lisa Mednick Powell

Blue Book - NEW ALBUM

Lisa Mednick Powell writes songs that take you on a winding road straight to the heart of the matter. Her voice is unadorned, but it suits the songs, and her profound poetry is drenched in rich soundtracks.The music wraps around sinuous lyrics and gives them credence. In that regard, Lisa's new album is true to Lisa's previous two releases. "Artifacts of Love" and "Semaphore" were hailed with words that give a glimpse into her new album, Blue Book: "Artifacts of Love, Mednick’s 1994 debut album, earned praise as a dark, swirling gumbo (Utne Reader) marked by artful songcraft that is steeped in the Americana of the Band... (Rolling Stone)." "Mednick writes some of the prickliest, most emotionally unsettling material this side of Lucinda Williams. Her vocal lilt...belies the music's dark thematic undertow, through songs that evoke life's fragility and finitude."--from "After a few listens you get the feeling that this album is on to something. It just has that feel...she's fashioned a classic album that will stand the test of time...The next place you see this one mentioned will be on some end of year best of lists." --from Village Records "While Mednick writes careful lyrics with strange words like "anchorite," she doesn't consider herself one of those navel-gazing singer/songwriters. Instead, songwriting is just another aspect of building a musical tapestry."--from All Music Guide "Mednick's a poet of the first order...ethereal but never fey. She has a secret, and maybe that's the semaphore the title song refers to, Lisa Mednick's private code for the heart and mind." --from the Austin Chronicle.