Lisa Mednick Powell



I am calling this entry #thestreetsinstead because I am starting to unravel myself from Facebook because I think not only is it unhelpful in terms of ending suffering in the world, but it is also actually causing harm.


Bad Timing, Old Man


It's a sad day for our democracy. Oh. Not sad you died, old man Bush. Just a little disappointed in your timing.


From a journal I dug up while engaging in home archaeology


One night in early April, 199?


...For the first time in many years--maybe the first time ever--I had trouble getting back into the U.S. The passport lady smiled and said "welcome back." But the gentleman who stood by the customs inspector was not so glad to see me. He asked, "are you visiting our country?" "no," I told him, "I live in our country." Then he proceeded to ask me many other questions presumably with the aim of forcing me to reveal all of my habits, good and evil...



An ending and a beginning

Post FB welcome mat

Keeping up with keeping up?

Blue Book is about done. Discmakers has it, along with the photos and text. I am hoping they make it look good, because Joe Gastwirt sure made it sound good. Not to mention all the great players and studio professionals and singers who helped me along the way. I am still pretty sure that no one reads this, so if you read this, send me a little sign that you did so. It would probably (no guarantees) encourage me to write more often.