Lisa Mednick Powell

A little help from my friends

I would like to have the Song Patrol up and running. A friend asked in an email today, "What's your plan?" That is just it. I don't have any kind of plan. I only have a vision. I don't do too well with the plans. I don't know how to start. When we crossed back into the USA from Mexico I noticed the border line on the bridge. One moment you are in Mexico and the next moment you are in the U.S. So what would happen if a person just started playing a song while standing right on the line? If the Mexican authorities came to harass, couldn't a person just step to the side and be in the U.S.? And then the vice versa?

A plan. I wish I had a plan. I see it very clearly in my imagination but how will I make it happen? I cannot do it by myself. I guess that means I need advice and input from my friends--and maybe people who I haven't met yet. But there are major pitfalls there. When I tried floating it publicly (on FB) it veered away from the direction I wanted to take it. So it is hard to involve others at the planning stage because they don't see it the way you see it. And yet you need those I am stuck I suppose.