Lisa Mednick Powell

No No Ms. Kondo You Must Go

You do not spark joy so please get the hell away from me. What part of Memento Mori do you not understand?? If I keep only what sparks joy I would never write another song. No, really. Think about it. Maybe if I make a list. An ex's shirt. Any number of photographs of course. A spoon. A single earring. Boots--mg if they could talk! A torn leather jacket. A book you have read already but it is signed to you by the author, a friend, who has died. A postcard from a friend you will never see again because you don't know what happened to him. Empty perfume bottles. Seashells from opposite sides of the world.

I am not really a total packrat. I got rid of a LOT of stuff when Kip and I moved from New Mexico to our 495 square foot cabin in the Mojave. I am not sorry I donated my Schwinn cruiser to the Santa Fe Boys and Girls' club. I don't regret the silk kimono I gave to Rosalia. Many things are still in New Mexico that I could still have with me. But there are two things that I will always regret letting go: My old Olivetti typewriter and my Conn Saxophone. They were living beings, not just stuff. To be continued...

But may I add? Screw you Marie Kondo. You who would snatch the madeleine from Proust. Go. Away.