Lisa Mednick Powell

On the Border


There is always an edge-of-the-world feeling here. And a sense of commerce and exploitation. Big business done in big ways. You get used to it after a couple of days. But I wonder. You know, about the wall. I don't think anyone here wants it.


Don't Say Strike; Say Huelga!


Federal workers are prohibited from going on strike. But they can huelga, can't they? Just wondering...


No No Ms. Kondo You Must Go


Screw you Marie Kondo. You who would snatch the madeleine from Proust. Go. Away. You do not spark joy so please get the hell away from me. What part of Memento Mori do you not understand?? If I kept only what sparks joy I would never write another song.


our trigger-happy military does not stop blowing shit up while govt workers wait at food banks


What does the Trump/ McConnell shut down sound like in 29 Palms? KABOOM! ZOOM! RATTLE! The helicopters, jets, and bombs have not stopped shaking our world. The marines are spending freely, defending our freedom to work for free.



Working for free this week? Welcome to my world.


You will say that I have made a lifestyle choice and that these government workers are victims. Say what you want. I say: Welcome to my world. You still feel worthless at the end of the day, don't you?