Lisa Mednick Powell

Deserted desert story


The two ends of the same valley are a world apart. Water is life. Water changes lives. Water divides lives. When you check in to that bougainvillea-draped hotel reception in Palm Desert, walk past the sparkling water feature, and toss your Lambo keys to the valet, you are the flip side of a dusty row of field hands, their faces wrapped in bandanas, working under a fierce sun in those Mecca grapes.


A Fresh Idea: Building Material for The Wall


Made in the U.S.A.: The perfect building material for trump's wall is accumulating now in our national parks!


Getting on another plane...

The Poem That Helped Me on Friday


The poem that helped me while I sat with my Mother in the hospital-- by my friend Dave Alvin.


Song Patrol: Recruits Wanted