Lisa Mednick Powell

Nous sommes arrivees...sort of.

Well if you have ONE margarita at 3,000 feet, it feels like THREE or FOUR margaritas depending on your tolerance. Amarillo is about 3K feet. OK. Yesterday we passed the Cadillac Ranch in I40 west of Amarillo. We passed through Tucumcari and sang "Willin'." I will be posting photos of a bunch of old drive-inn and motel signs from that strip. These places are all left over from the old Route 66. The day before we drove along the old Route 66 through Clinton, OK. There are spots where the old roadbed is visible from the interstate near the western edge of OK and into Texas. We cheered at the"Welcome to Texas sign." The next sign said "Welcome Center, 100 miles ahead." Things are bigger in Texas. I was sorry not to be able to stop in OKC to see friends. But it is a neighboring state, so perhaps we'll visit one of these days. (Yes, OK and NM share a border...don't blink or you'll miss it!) We are perched at a motel in Santa Fe while we look for a dwelling. It is also located along the old Route 66. Santa Fe has several of the old motor courts. Today we drive up to Espanola and El Rito. We looked at one casita that was on a small ranch property. But it was a REALLY small ranch property complete with goats, a group of 5 dogs who had only 19 legs, turkeys, and sheep. It seemed awfully crowded so we decided against it. At the library in El Rito, the librarian, whose name was Rita, told me that her wife was coming in shortly and might know of some places to rent. When her wife came in, Rita introduced us. "Lisa, this is Space." (No, it is not Space; it is Earth, I wanted to say...) But Space and Rita were kind and helpful and i left the place with a list of phone numbers to call. Hey, wait a minute. Do you think she might have said "Grace?"

New Year's Day

Well, I am playing catch-up here in Amarillo...where helium is king...and the hotel gives out free bevvies until 7 p.m. We checked in at 6 and are busy checking out. Do they give tickets for B.W.I.? (Figure it out.) We crossed the OHIO River on Friday and were immediately graced with several degrees of solar gain as the rays poured down from the heavens. Ah, Dixie. As you can see from my photos, our New Year's Day lunch was perfect: Pimento Cheese sandwiches and Moon pies, washed down with Nehi Grape. As a sort of nod to our middle-aged semi-consciousness, we did indulge in a side of baked Lay's potato crisps. And do not fear for the sanctity of our superstitions...we had our black-eyed peas warmed from the can in the hotel micro-wave for New Year's Eve. Yesterday morning in Gnashville we had cheese grits and biscuits with cream gravy. Dammit I am chicken-fried! I love you people! gah!

New Year's Eve in (way-to-go) OHIO.

We're spending New Year's Eve in what was once enemy territory for me: Columbus, Ohio, home of the Buckeyes. You see, a few lifetimes ago, I was a Wolverine. I refer to the intense football rivalry between Ohio State and U of Michigan--my Almost mater. But tonight I am a traveler, or in the words of Fela Kuti--a "beast of no nation." So, it's more like Hardly Matters. We are in a decent hotel bar, drinking a couple of pints, and listening to salsa music from the party in the ballroom next door. Then we'll go microwave some popcorn and throw it to the dog. Luna loves her some popcorn.


After taking the feathers, beads and lace off of our rearview mirror--oh and the fishing lure we kept hanging there--we said Adios to our car. You can say goodbye, too. We posted a photo of her in the PHOTO GALLERY!

Nope, we have not left Honkchester yet.

Yesterday we went to the National Museum of Play. We saw the Lego sculptures--tres amusant. But it was the butterfly garden that made me extra happy. First off, you walk in and it is about 85 degrees in there. Nice. (Why is it that I can adapt to sudden increases in temperature and not to sudden (or gradual) decreases in temperature?) Then there are all these gorgeous winged critters and flitters. There are cute birds called "button quails." And some finches. Plus tropical flora. So the flora and fauna together create an environment where you might wish you could live all the time. OK, so can we talk about our car? Kip says...well, it might make it to Alburquerque. But then we both say..."and then again it might not." So we are going with the "might not" possibility. I can't forget the mechanic's grim diagnosis..."I'm not seeing any external leaks. Which means it's internal. Uh...that's not good." Still, we are driving it around town (in circles) and a regular person (me) can't tell there's anything wrong. It's like seeing someone who looks just fine, you know? And then a week later you find out they have some terminal illness that's eating them from within. It sucks. But, hey, it's just a car, right? No. For us, it's a good pal, a dependable pack mule--and our intended means of Escape.