Lisa Mednick Powell

Sherlock Holmes and Curry

Merry Christmas from Rochester. Yes. We are still in Rochester.


Escape From New York?--HA! Not so fast!!

Yep, we're still here. It doesn't look like I can post pictures in this section, so they will be posted under--'photos.' Meanwhile: grading, grading, grading. On the creative front, I have invented a new form of poetry though. I invented it yesterday while I had a migraine. It is a seventeen-syllable insult. Kinda like a Haiku. What's it called? F*#K-U. Please don't take these personally, they are simply innocuous little messages I send out to the universe, sort of like affirmations. I am going to go for one a day. F*#K-U Number One: A vinyl LP left in the summer sun: Your mind is just as warped.

A Tisket a Tasket

A stupid little gasket... We were supposed to leave Rochester today. But our car decided it did not want to leave Rochester today. So we are still here. We still plan to move, and in fact we have to move...we sold our house. Kip is enrolled at NNMC and I am scheduled to teach there starting January 18. I suppose at 234K miles, even after being pampered like a spoiled child, our valiant little Camry LE wagon with the V6 engine has every right to call it quits. Time for a new ride. via con diesel.