Lisa Mednick Powell

Dancing Backwards


I started with "Aragon Mill," by Si Kahn. To my surprise and delight a man seated in the back row (which was the second row) was singing along! He knew the words to "Aragon Mill." Wow.


Artifact of an Artifact


I had the studio for a week and having that sonic space in which to dream uninterrupted was a special privilege I never really have had since. My ensuing dreams were cobbled together--still dreams, mind you, but never anything like what the Artifacts sessions became.


Desert Story on Cholla Needles Website


Cholla Needles Literary Library has posted my Desert Story, Pastures of Plenty, on their website. You can read it here.


Biting the hand that feeds no one


Yes, that was Kip and me (HONGO KILLER) with the cement mixers...

"Palms Restaurant, a desert roadhouse in Wonder Valley, is even farther from civilization than Pappy’s. It’s known for its free-spirit vibe and avant-garde performances — such as Wonder Valley Experimental (March 30), a festival of experimental music; imagine pots and pans and concrete mixers as instruments."


A little help from my friends


When we crossed back into the USA from Mexico I noticed the border line on the bridge. One moment you are in Mexico and the next moment you are in the U.S. So what would happen if a person just started playing a song while standing right on the line? If the Mexican authorities came to harass, couldn't a person just step to the side and be in the U.S.? And then the vice versa?