Lisa Mednick Powell

Working for free this week? Welcome to my world.

Yes, I work for free most of the time. Logged about 36 hours rehearsing, gigging and driving to and from this week. Grossed $104. After gas net about $75. Not worth it. Can't carry that no ore. It isn't anyone's fault. Singer-songwriter person, if I don't playwith you again, please do not take it personally. When I adjunct, the money is no better but I know going in that it's a lousy payday.

As a chronic local failed musician who can't get arrested, I have been working for free, purt near all my miserable life. Logged 20 hours of rehearsal this week, not including gear hauling and travel. this week alone. BOOM! There went another $30K blast that shook the windows of our 495-square foot cabin. And rank and file government workers are going to food banks.

You will say that I have made a lifestyle choice and that these government workers are victims. Say what you want. I also went to graduate school and went through lots of hoops to get that advanced degree. Fat lot of good it did me. So again I say: Welcome to my world. You still feel worthless at the end of the day, don't you?