Lisa Mednick Powell

Poetry Blast June 25 2011

Sorry, no poems today; only songs. Guess I'm feeling lazy--or tired. Gonna turn 54 on Monday, as far as I know. Oh, and also? On Monday? An ASTEROID going to buzz the Earth, which makes us Dinosaurs very nervous. Here is my favorite version of this Steve Young song, even though it was The Eagles who had the hit with it. I believe they did some good with their version, It was beautiful, of course, and sung with no Autotune, thank you--and Mr. Young bought a house with the proceeds if I remember the story correctly, which I might not. Enjoy these; Steve is the real deal. In fact I'll hit you twice. You might (or might not) remember that Waylon had the hit with this one: ________________ Very spacial thanks to my rocket scientist bro-in-law, Joel, for this link: