Lisa Mednick Powell

Sept. 25 Poetry Blast

As we enter the ponderous season of the Autumnal Equinox...a time when we look back on all the stupid things we said or did in the past year...we try not to some cases what we did not do or, perhaps, goshdarnit! I should have eaten that whole enchilada...or perhaps, damn! why did I go to the four on that one song when I should've stayed on the one...or maybe even, sheesh! I can't believe I went to school in my pajamas... I wish to thank all of you who have commented in my guestbook or replied to my weekly emails and expressed your appreciation for the moments of contemplation that each poem or song brings to your otherwise dreary and mechanized life...I wish to thank you, so, in order to thank you properly, I am sending these deep thoughts: Johnny Guitar Watson: I was in the Baloney section. I had take a closer look. Abdul Jabbar couldn't hit these prices with a sky hook! Here is a live version in case you don't like robots: And, while we are in the Baloney section, here is an especially frightening news item about what can happen if you mess with U.S. Customs (be sure to enjoy some of the delicious comments on this news item as well): Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets. --Arthur Miller