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Lisa Mednick Powell: Photos

Bach or Czerny, it was all so confusing...

Awrt by LMP

Toronto Church Steeple
T.S. Elliot meets Rebirth Spring 2006
Tree torso
Southern Boxcar Cincinnati
Artifacts Cover
This was the cover of Sam Kastner's bar Mitzvah invite.
God Hand
This was the way I wanted it to look but the label changed it...
Western Bird in an Eastern Tree

June Fires in NM

Abiquiu and Escape from Abiquiu

The adobe veneer
Another brick in the wall
Lake Abiquiu
It cleared up on the second day at Chalom's house
lake stones
It looks cold
Lake Abuquiu and red rocks
Flyover country?
Visions of biscuits dance in her head
A typical pose
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