A Fresh Idea: Building Material for The Wall

Who needs government? Who needs the nanny state to wipe our butts when we leave our waste by the roads in our national parks? Really. Well, this seems like a great time to make hay while the sun is shining. The motherfucker wants a wall?

He is gonna get one, all right.

It will not necessarily be made only BY Americans. But it will be made IN America. In fact, it will be all organic, made in nature, in our national parks, out in the open air and sunshine.

It will be a small world after all wall!! 

Yup, travelers from all over creation are roaming all over the western U.S.A., industriously creating the perfect building material while the nanny state sleeps. Who the hell will come within five feet of a wall that is built from shite? I suppose it will distract the drug dogs...ah well. There's flaws in every plan.

You are welcome Mr. Trump. I have solved your problem. Get the shovels, bring the trucks, load them up, drive them to the border, and--oh wait--who's gonna do the dirty job no American wants to do? Just asking...


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