1. Crow

From the recording Blue Book


I have been forced by my beliefs by circumstances to live like a thief not your parrot not your tool I'm just a crow why must I suffer fools I will steal you away from your homefire steal you away from all the promises you try so hard to keep I'll ruin your days take away your nights so you can't sleep what you took from me belonged to no one belonged to everyone who thought that she was free you took my tongue told me to sing told me to fly then you broke my wing in this dream I have you cry and you lose just for once I laugh and win and I get to choose I send you out on the highway all alone to meet the night you have a suitcase full of money and no one you can pay to make things right don't tell the crow which songs to sing don't tell the wise men which gifts to bring don't follow me I leave no track I'll have your gold the minute you turn your back (you have no soul no style you're just a hack) go lie down in your bed you've got reason to fear cover up your head a reckoning is near you'd better keep a candle lit keep one eye open for the beast I'll sleep while you suffer I'll watch you hunger while I feast you'll cry out for mercy but it won't do you any good if you ain't praying now I think you'd better should if you ain't praying now I think you'd better should