Finding the Azimuth (or F the A) is out. 

My book, Finding the Azimuth, or F the A for short, will be available soon on Bandcamp! So you don't have to use Amazon! I will donate $2 for every book sold to Cholla Needles!

F the A is a memoir, of sorts. It is actually my master's thesis without the beginning academic-y part. If you WANT that part, let me know and I will send it to you in a pdf.  It is about American literature and stuff.

However, if you want to have the complete works, and a sense of the total state of mind that I was in, back to…

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Arroyo Rogers EP is here! 

I mean, maybe it doesn't warrant an exclamation point, but we have been working on it for a couple of years, and it is here now. Seven songs. It was nearly only six songs but I convinced Kip to put the seventh song on there and it is a doozy. You will have to listen to find out why. Here's the link:

Now go get you one! Really, they are only $7 per download. Only $10 for the physical disc with pictures and all that. David Butterfield (RIP) took the photo of us.


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Superbloom and Painted Ladies 

The Painted Ladies are fluttering through. All blowing the same direction, crossing the highway oblivious to the military transports which barrel into them and crush them on the fly. I don't have the fuzzy soft spot for veterans and active duty personnel that so many locals seem to have. Sorry about that. But if you are crushing painted ladies, you get no quarter from me.

The superbloom appears to be on as well. We have three different kinds of white flowers inside our fence. I saw some Desert Lily…

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Dancing Backwards 

Yesterday evening I played three of my songs and two covers for a larger audience than I have played my music to in quite some time. I know that sentence structure sucks, but I get lazy when I am filled with self-loathing. Ah well.

The audience was large (about ten people) because it was a captive audience. The people had been at the venue (which was most appropriately called Arttrap by the way) to see a play. The play was called "Revolt, She Said. Revolt, Again." It was quite fantastic.

My part came in…

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Artifact of an Artifact 

Fossils have come to light. Fossils of a fossil in fact. Fossils of a fossil created by a ghost. In 1993 some friends and I made an album called Artifacts of Love. None of us are the same people we were back then. Back then, we were all wonderful. Back then, there was magic afoot and I believed and followed its signs like a pilgrim.

I had the studio for a week and having that sonic space in which to dream uninterrupted was a special privilege I never really have had since. My ensuing dreams were cobbled…

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Biting the hand that feeds no one 

Here's the link. The article, titled, "Forget Coachella, there's a vibrant more affordable music scene around Joshua Tree. The article, with its misused comma in the header, is in The Post. Read it and then read the comments. Mine is the long one. Yes it is snarky (of course it is!) and it bites the hand that doesn't feed me.


A little help from my friends 

I would like to have the Song Patrol up and running. A friend asked in an email today, "What's your plan?" That is just it. I don't have any kind of plan. I only have a vision. I don't do too well with the plans. I don't know how to start. When we crossed back into the USA from Mexico I noticed the border line on the bridge. One moment you are in Mexico and the next moment you are in the U.S. So what would happen if a person just started playing a song while standing right on the line? If the Mexican…

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