Arroyo Rogers EP is here!

I mean, maybe it doesn't warrant an exclamation point, but we have been working on it for a couple of years, and it is here now. Seven songs. It was nearly only six songs but I convinced Kip to put the seventh song on there and it is a doozy. You will have to listen to find out why. Here's the link:

Now go get you one! Really, they are only $7 per download. Only $10 for the physical disc with pictures and all that. David Butterfield (RIP) took the photo of us.

We recorded in New Orleans at Blue Velvet Studio with Tom Stern at the helm and on guitars, Doug Garrison on drums, Dan Cooper on pedal steel, Kip on bass and lead vox, yours truly on piano and accordion, backing vox and such like, with Bruce MacDonald kicking it up several notches on the kind of cool guitar only he can twang--and Alison Young on guest vox.

Our record release for SINGLE WIDE will be at The Palms April 27th. We know plenty of songs so we're gonna play the whole night. Please join us and drink a whole real lot so you forget you already have the album and accidentally buy a few more. See you there.