Superbloom and Painted Ladies

The Painted Ladies are fluttering through. All blowing the same direction, crossing the highway oblivious to the military transports which barrel into them and crush them on the fly. I don't have the fuzzy soft spot for veterans and active duty personnel that so many locals seem to have. Sorry about that. But if you are crushing painted ladies, you get no quarter from me.

The superbloom appears to be on as well. We have three different kinds of white flowers inside our fence. I saw some Desert Lily foliage, but have not seen an actual blossom yet. Outside the perimeter I have seen some yellow desert dandelions and some purple verbena.

Our mallow is sprouting a few red blooms too after appearing to be dead for a whole year. The desert plants are tricky that way. Just add water...

Joshua trees are blooming as well, though of course not at our low elevation. Today when we went to pick up the dogs, we saw blooming yucca brevifolia all over the place.

Today I found some volunteer arugula thriving in our cage planter. We had it for dinner. I am going to have to plant some fresh...

It will grow. It is chilly, but nothing compared to the ass-freezing temperatures of Honkchester, NY. Family time was fun, but I will wait until summer to go back again.

The sunshine lives out here. But it seems to be on life support these days. Still, in the daytime, you can get a little solar gain which mitigates the windy chill somewhat. Our cabin is just that: a cabin. If you are indoors, the temperature is the same as outdoors in any season until you heat it or cool it. Such is the life of the homestead dweller I suppose.

Still, I am going to turn on the electric heaters tonight...


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