Winter Holiday Message for 2011

This morning Kip pointed out our kitchen window towards the front yard (where our trucks are parked) and said, Look, honey, a white rabbit! I, gullible traveler that I am, and perhaps suffering adverse cognitive effects from the recent freezing temperatures here, and, as such, willing to believe that a denizen of the arctic regions might be visiting us in the desert--- looked. At a white plastic bag filled with garbage, the handles tied in a knot to resemble the ears of a jackrabbit. Why, that's no bunny rabbit; that's a bag of... I said. "Ha ha," said Kip. "Made you look." And thus begins our holiday season... That said, it's on to the Holiday Message: First, I want to share this clip of documentary film that features one of the best songwriters, storytellers, musicians, and bandleaders this world will ever know--Paul Kelly. This song is called How to Make Gravy. There is a line in this song that captures pretty much everything about spending holidays without--and/or with--loved ones: ...don't forget to add a dollop of tomato sauce for sweetness and that extra tang... That is what I wish all of you this year: sweetness and that extra tang. Then, there's that extra seven days and nights of light. Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah. To me, and I hope to others, Hanukkah represents making do with what you have, making a good thing last a long time, letting that little light of yours shine, frying potato pancakes and jelly doughnuts--and celebrating the spirit of rebellion that can infuse any knocked-down group of people with the warrior spirit--and with the power and dedication it takes to resurrect that which has been destroyed by an oppressor. Hanukkah by Charles Reznikov (from a longer work titled,for some reason, Meditations on the Spring Holidays) In a world where each man must be of use and each thing useful, the rebellious Jews light not one light but eight— not to see by but to look at. And, finally, Sir James Brown (when I am queen he will be knighted...): Adios, Amigos. See you in 2012!

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