NOLA redux

Well I just got back from the city of dreams. When Paul Sanchez hugged me and said "Welcome home, baby," I felt that I had truly come home. Enough moisture in the air, plenty oxygen, one drink felt like two--no, wait; it was the other way around...anyway, Alison and I sang some old two Headed Dog songs, plus a couple of my new ones, and, best of all, her new songs. Thanks to everyone who came out and laughed and sang with us. Dancing and singing along to Tommy Malone and the Mystik Drone was probably the highlight, unless you want to count Cyril Neville playing trap set behind a couple of really good guitar players, listening to Danny Barnes or Emeline Michel at the Fairgrounds...jogging through the cemetery on Prytania or standing on the Mississippi bank feeling the breeze and hearing the calliope. Maybe those giant oysters at Houston's? Or the berled shrimp later on? Or the crawfish bread?Or the jasmine and gardenia smells in the air at night? And yes, there are a lot of things that have changed. I could see it even this long after the flood. And some things that are still wrecked since the flood. Heard plenty of Katrina stories. My people are tough. I do wish I had gone back sooner. So good to see everyone and hear the music again.

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