Obama's Inauguration/ Bye Bye Bush!

i am sure that the crowds of happy people were happier than I could detect from watching TV; they looked ecstatic. And Aretha's hat was the best supporting actress. Not to mention the voice that came out from under that hat. Friends who were there say it was wonderful to be among those people, and I know that not all of my friends are comfortable in a crowd. And another friend wrote to say that there was not one arrest that day. This is what happens when people are happy. I anticipate good things, but only if the obstructionistas will keep their snouts out of the way! What I like best is the sense of anticipation world-wide now that Bush is outta there. Remember, some of us lived in TX and had dubya as governor for a few years BEFORE he was president!! For me, the Bushes could not board that helicopter fast enough!

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